• Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care is a family medicine practice serving all ages, children through senior citizens. We have a staff of certified, experienced physicians able to provide comprehensive medical care in a warm, caring environment. We also provide behavioral counseling, birth control, immunizations and preventive health issues.


    •  We are the only physicians providing urgent care in the Wailea area who are U.S. medical school trained and board eligible in the U.S.


    • Visiting patients from the Mainland US and other countries are unable to refill their scripts for controlled medications like sleep and pain meds in Hawaii if their physicians are not licensed in Hawaii. As a result, many visitors have to scramble to find a physician here to get their refills while visiting. We are able to provide same day service to these visitors, and can also dispense select meds in-house.


    • Our physicians are highly trained and experienced in providing comprehensive hormone therapy for conditions such as PMS, menopause, and low testosterone, to name a few.


    • In the event of minor emergencies, such as lacerations, stings, bites, allergic reactions, earaches, asthma emergencies, quick and efficient same day treatment is available. Walk-ins are welcome.


    • PADI and Sports Physicals can be provided.  Middle or high school athletes are welcome to make appointments for a physical.


    • We work in conjunction with a nearby pharmacy that will provide home or hotel delivery for any prescribed medications for a small delivery fee of $35.00, mainly serving visitors who frequently get shuttled to their hotel and do not have cars, are too ill to drive to the pharmacy, or simply for those who would prefer the convenience of having their meds delivered directly to them.


    • We offer many immunizations, including flu shots, pneumonia shots, tetanus boosters, and Gardasil to name a few.


    • TB testing is done on site, with same day walk-in appointments available, requiring a nurse visit only; no need to make an appointment with a physician.


    • Lacerations, puncture wounds, animal bites, sea urchin stings, skin tears and envenomation are only a few examples of wounds we treat.


  • Hawaii Worker’s Compensation and Hawaii Motor Vehicle accident claims are accepted for established patients.


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